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    Thought Leadership, Organizational Strategy,
    Strategic Communications; film, media, press.
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    Placing human stories at the center of social change.
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Stier Forward builds innovative campaigns aimed at tackling the world’s most pressing issues. Our unique strategy harnesses the power of film and multimedia content, community organizing, digital engagement, and the media to humanize social issues, organize diverse communities around them, and advocate for change.



  • JD Stier, Stier Forward President, Producer
  • JD Stier, Stier Forward President, Associate Producer


  • JD Stier, Raise Hope for Congo Campaign Manager, Producer
  • JD Stier, Media Impact Senior Campaign Consultant



Stier Forward generates media coverage, new narrative publications, posts, and music videos that shift world attention towards solutions to our generation's greatest challenges.

  • Vice - Finally, an Ebola Campaign That's About the Survivors
  • House of Cards' Robin Wright Takes Aim at Tech Companies Funding Conflict in Congo With New Movie
  • House of Cards' Robin Wright Takes Aim at Tech Companies Funding Conflict in Congo With New Movie
  • The Paradox Of Congo: How The World's Wealthiest Country Became Home To The World's Poorest People


Community organizing is at the core of all Stier Forward activities. Stier Forward organizes rallies, protests, community organizing events, and trainings with diverse communities worldwide. Respect. Empower. Include.

  • Congolese Diaspora Leaders. #StandWithCongo
    Campaign launch. Boston, MA USA.
  • Foday Gallah, health worker and Ebola survivor
    photographing Takun-J. Monrovia Liberia.
    JD Stier, Stier Forward President; Dominique Bikaba,
    Strong Roots Executive Director, observing lowland
    gorillas in DRC.
  • Amani Mataboro, Action Kivu Executive Director, Mumosho
  • #StandWithCongo campaign in Bermuda.


  • JD Stier

    JD Stier

    / President of Stier Forward

    JD Stier is a Speaker, Producer, and proven Leader who has been invited to speak on over 50 campuses, including Yale, UC-Berkeley, and Georgetown. Topics include LEADERSHIP, EMPOWERMENT, and SUCCESS.

  • Omékongo Dibinga

    Omékongo Dibinga

    / Director of UPstander International

    Omékongo Dibinga is a Speaker, Author, and Rapper who has been invited to speak on campuses in 20 countries to date. Topics include LEADERSHIP and EMPOWERMENT.

  • Omékongo Dibinga

    Eric Martinez

    / Actor, Producer, and Director

    Eric Martinez has been invited to speak and lead rallies throughout the United States. Topics include ANTI-BULLYING, SUCCESS, and LEADERSHIP.


STIER FORWARD produces expert film, winning campaigns, and media, with a focus on community organizing and engagement. STIER FORWARD partners with foundations, civil society leaders, philanthropists, and corporations to support and lead film, campaign, media, and community engagement efforts.


  • Cemter for American Progress
  • World Evangelical Alliance
  • DNC
  • ESPN
  • Organizing for America
  • ONE: The campaign to make poverty history
  • National Democratic Institute